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A faultless image is considered a PICTURE PERFECT. Well defined photos (you named it!) or something (that you perfectly captured) which almost give the same comfort you felt when looking at the real things.


The only reason I followed this TV drama series about a couple of detectives, 'Remington Steele' (1982-1987) was because Stephanie Zimbalist & her sexy neck! Since the show ended, I tried to find any other American actress (even local) who can make her neck the center of my attraction, none until Angeline Jolie caught my attention with her lips (but that's not the point here!). The combination of this 2 of a kind has made the series an overnight hit. It has given a successful start for Pierce Brosnan on his first attempt as a TV actor, overshadowed the already established TV actress, Stephanie Zimbalist. But what audience saw on screen were a perfect couple & every demand for the show was to see them play more romantic scenes. Yet even to the final season nothing up to the request for they were just PICTURE PERFECT.

Anything that you capture in reality can turn into picture perfect and that includes taking picture of 2 persons that look perfect together, on and off screen. Even in a group photo, 2 persons who perfectly look adorable together in the picture will make the group photo meant like for both of them instead of everyone else. So what is the big deal when 2 persons become a faultless image of PICTURE PERFECT? It is a big deal! Because it may leads to a lot of misunderstandings, that in the end what so perfect isn't really perfect at all in real life.


'THE X-FILES' TV drama series (1993-2002) was never a missed show for me. I love the genre they tackled, paranormal. But what's more interesting to me was the chemistry between the two main casts here; the solid team. Especially how Agent Mulder really cares for Agent Scully although there was no sign of them romantically involved. Until it had became chapters of request from fans. Tabloids were digging of any possibilities that they were off screen lovers, but none of them admit. The romantic rumors dismissed once Gillian married Clyde Klotz (The X-Files Assistant Art Director) on 1994, followed by David married Tea Leoni (an actress) on 1997. But fans kept loving them as couple on screen. Until it has become a bore when for so many years, Agent Mulder & Scully were not intimate. But the release of 'I Want to Believe' (2008), fans request fulfilled when there's a scene of them kissing intimately. Yet the kissing scene was the only romantic moment in the movie that really frustrated fans around the world... once they quit the show, no other new duo agents could replace their perfection on screen. Yet who could blame them for they were only PICTURE PERFECT.

When I was a little kid, my late mother always advised me to be alert with the person next to me when took group or duo photos. Make sure whoever was next to me in the picture won't misled anyone about us. She didn't want me to suffer imperfection by other people's perception upon what is surreal that might hurt my feeling in long term. She also said it is also to protect the privacy of people who was standing next to me in the picture for we'll never know the negativity it might attracts!


In 1980s, they were the most popular movie couple of Bollywood. Almost every movie they acted together topped the box-office chart. Even my late mother was charmed by their perfection together, but I didn't saw that (coz I was busy preparing for my first love... haha!). All I saw was a pretty lady, Rekha who held a beauty that inspired me to use her charm as my reference for practice in drawing. But as I watched more of movies of them together, I came to understood that they were perfect together on screen. Which then they also meant to be perfect off screen if not because Amitabh was already married to Jaya when he met Rekha. So what's real can be a reality when exactly it was still surreal unless faithfulness untied. In the end, Amitabh decided to save his marriage & they acted in their last movie together joined by Amitabh's wife, Jaya called 'Silsila' (1981). Sometimes when people said we look perfect together in the picture, the thought of making it perfect in real life will linger. Fate we believe, although  PICTURE PERFECT can be very skeptical to be considered as a sign of MFEO.

That was why, none of my photos so far involved anyone very personal to me or romantically involved. That's include my parent (I only had a few photos of my mother and me while I was still a baby/little kid plus a photo with my father when I was a teenager). The principal since then has become so adhere to me that it causes me photo-phobic when it comes to group or duo photos. Yet it won't be so phobic when it comes to my best friends that I have long known or my fans, as long I know how to distance myself or put an act during photo shoots that will not suffer misconception once you see the result.


Do Do Cheng is my favourite Canto-Pop actress. She made me rushed to sit in front of TV whenever she was on aired. It was not about her beauty, but her charisma & personality. She's so purely entertaining to watch in whatever character she was in, even her ghost character. Yet, I adored her when she's around Chow Yuen Fatt because they had charms whenever together. But frantically, Do Do Cheng was herself originally & she had no plan of giving up herself to someone else. So she maybe a babe on screen & Chow Yuen Fatt's PICTURE PERFECT, but she has no intention on any perfect relationship. Having bestfriend as partner was her way & that's different to Chow Yuen Fatt. But the fans knew, everytime Chow Yuen Fatt & Do Do Cheng came together on screen, the fame will sure rise to super-stardom, fame of a PICTURE PERFECT!

If in real life you have become the blame of a few broken relationships, you'll only end up being a person with full fences when it comes to connection with another being, start with the image together. I don't care if they accused me for being too over-act, diva-like or overly self-centered. But they haven't experience being a male with extra aura of attraction, and I know better so does who has been close to me for so many years. My security is to protect others though I have to bare the pain of silly accusations. At least it worth my conscience to protect others legal privacy through a photo.


When I heard Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston got married, I never saw it as remarkable & so did most of their fans. Hollywood thought it was rare! For it was like a marriage to prove you're wrong for whatever subject you want to prove. It was like an experiment marriage, a DIY vow. They were not even PICTURE PERFECT though we have to admit that they are both gorgeous people. Maybe this was what they wanted to prove, they didn't have to look perfect together to be perfect for each other. Wrong! I was never proud of seeing Brad Pitt chose Jennifer Aniston, or either way. Every time I saw them romantically together on tabloids, I wonder if that was exactly love of a sibling... "I love my sister so much that I wed her!" said Brad Pitt. Thank goodness their marriage failed & Jennifer should stop dating Brad's impersonation! 2 of a kind, brother & sister don't fit to claim themselves as PICTURE PERFECT, a family does. Say what U like about me being wrong, but Angeline Jolie has saved Jennifer for the best! Jennifer needs to finally wake up & learn from Gywneth Paltrow that the man can only be tame by a Queen of Exotic Beauty.

Being too careful won't always so careful until you forgot what's perfect by pair in real life, can mystically generate a picture perfect by the duo even in group photos. Then I started to hear my friends talked, asked and even wanted to know the extra miles about my pair. When it happened I got extra phobic that caused me to spill lies in denying what supposed to be true, and warned anyone who hold other pictures of us together from being publicly exposed. But my only mistake was I took the charged by myself without mutual conscience of the other perfect. In the end, the PICTURE PERFECT is no more but my legal fault to protect other people's personal life being betrayed.


Angeline Jolie was never seen by public as easily captured by men. She controlled her world, she owned her life & she did what she wanted to do! She swore, she hated & she even drugged herself. She even showed her rebellious act by carving many tattoos on her beautiful skin. She was pictured as a perfect beauty that was bound to be broken forever. She was even predicted to end up like Marilyn Monroe or a supermodel she portrayed in the TV movie 'Gia' (1998). But Angeline Jolie is not the type of star who lives up to other people's negative perception. She does what she thought what makes her happy when her heart told her so. That was when she found her first true love, a Cambodian baby boy on 10th. March 2002 whom she named Maddox Chivan. She believed her heart when she looked in the eyes of the 7 months old Asian boy. Since then whatever negativity on press about them, every time their photo together was released publicly, people can't wait to see the pair with so much charm as PICTURE PERFECT. They have prove at least being together, will make others happy too. I'm happy when Maddox & Angie look happy together... ^_^


The movie 'Mr. & Mr. Smith' (2005) has garnered unexpected box-office hit in spite of bad critiques. I even thought the movie's storyline was a cliche. But the pair of Angeline Jolie & Brad Pitt made me want to watch the movie again & again. If not because Angie was so much devoted to Maddox & at the same time was busy arranged custody to have Zahara from Ethiopia, while Brad was legally married to Jennifer, I wished this Smithens really came out real off screen. Something about them on screen told me Brad really had the right potential to tame the wild Angie. Was it the character of Mr. Smith? No, it was about Brad himself that would be able bend the tough Angie, which is now proven right. The only way to get through Angie is not to fake your heart for any reason, as true love happens without reason. Because Angie is the perfect symptom of any child raised by a mother abandoned by a perfect husband! So Hollywood finally proves not everyone in it fell for stardom, Brangelina does it perfectly pictured! What's next? Only reasons will break them down, but how could you break them with reasons when they don't listen to your negativity? So shut up haters... Brad & Angie are seriously PICTURE PERFECT for real!

There you go of how PICTURE PERFECT will judged you 'good', surreal in reality unless when you're not being so careful with it. Next time do remember, it takes two of a kind to be perfect in photo... but be warned, don't easily get amuse by it for real.


They are distant cousins, they are perfectly together & their chemistry when you saw them connected on screen during interviews or winning the Academy Awards for 'Good Will Hunting' deserved them quite a speculation as gay. Funny thing was they didn't freaked out or even say no to such speculation. They praised each others like lovers do yet they still dated chicks! Most importantly, whatever people say about their chemistry together, I have no doubt they are deeply in love but sexually, girls taste better for them. So guys out there, if you happen to meet a guy that is completely make you inspired & working together make people think you are gay because of the PICTURE PERFECT, terminate the profitable friendship is like closing main door to a better future. The fact is the onlookers just unlikely fascinated by your aura together for the envy factor, but they are amuse by the chemistry & wish to see more. Yet true happiness is not either you are gay or straight, it's about making it right for the PICTURE PERFECT. Look at Ben & Matt in the picture, weren't they adorable in pair? Ok... pass!


Maybe it's true, what makes a PICTURE PERFECT for 2 of a kind is really love. Maybe too many reasons caused them failed to make perfect in real life. So whoever caught a photo of 2 persons that came perfect together in the picture, maybe there is love sparked between them. Like capture ghost in photos, I bet this is how we capture love in the same way... maybe surreal.

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This life is only temporary, so I won't be asking much but a simple life yet lovely.

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[P/S: Ini bukan penilaian box-office (balik modal). Hanya melihat nilai jualan melebihi sejuta (Ringgit Malaysia).]

Tayangan: 30hb. Januari                  Kutipan: RM17,170,341.75

Astro Shaw Sdn. Bhd
Tayangan: 29hb. Mei                     Kutipan: RM4,610,811.00

Produksi: Skop Production Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 23hb. Januari                   Kutipan: RM4,085,699.00
Produksi: The Film Engine Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 6hb. Februari                     Kutipan: RM3,603,832.12

 Produksi: Very Good Movie (M) Sdn. Bhd./Red Film Sdn. Bhd

Tayangan: 9hb. Januari                     Kutipan: RM2,270,764.75

 Produksi: Suhan Movies & Trading Sdn. Bhd.
Tayangan: 10hb. Julai                     Kutipan: RM1,831,903.20
Produksi: Asia Tropical Films Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 19hb. Jun                         Kutipan: RM1,694,466.00

Produksi: MiG Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 20hb Mac                          Kutipan: RM1,549,345.25

Produksi: Enjit Semut Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 13hb. Februari                   Kutipan: RM1,521,131.00

Produksi: Juita Viden Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 20hb. Februari                   Kutipan: RM1,451,985.25

Produksi: PrimeWorks Studio Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 16hb. Oktober                    Kutipan: RM1,378,340.00

Produksi: SKT Studios Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 11hb. Disember                  Kutipan: RM1,350,000.00

Produksi: The Film Engine Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 18hb. September                 Kutipan: RM1,322,764.50

Produksi: MiG Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 21hb. Mac                           Kutipan: RM1,300,000.00

Produksi: Worldwide Platinum Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 11hb. September                 Kutipan: RM1,272,840.25

Produksi: Astro Shaw Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 7hb. Ogos                           Kutipan: RM1,269,593.50

Produksi: MiG Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 20hb. Mac                          Kutipan: RM1,223,239.00

Produksi: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 4hb. September                  Kutipan: RM1,116,326.02

Produksi: KRU International Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 30hb. Januari                     Kutipan: RM1,104,324.00

Produksi: MiG Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 30hb. Oktober                   Kutipan: RM1,103,986.00

Produksi: Dream Team Studio Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 2hb. Mei                             Kutipan: RM1,091,501.20

Produksi: Amok Films Sdn. Bhd.

Tayangan: 28hb. Julai                          Kutipan: RM1,070,067.90

Produksi: Showbiz Productions Sdn. Bhd.


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The Academy Awards (a.k.a. The Oscars) is the oldest award ceremony for the international film industry and since 1929, more than 10 child (from birth before puberty) actors and actresses has been nominated for Best Actor/Actress in Leading Role and Best Actor/Actress in Supporting Role. The nominees were...

He was nominated as Best Actror in Leading Role during the 4th Academy Awards (1931) for his main role in the movie 'Skippy' at the tender age of 9. But he lost the award to Lionel Barrymore (58 years old) for the movie 'A Free Soul'. Somehow, he was the first child to break the world record as the first child to be nominated in The Oscars and the second youngest so far.  
She was nominated as Best Actress in Leading Role during the 85th Academy Awards (2013) for her role as Hushpuppy in the movie 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'. Being at the age of 9 during the time, she was the third youngest ever nominated for The Oscar but lost the award to Jennifer Lawrence (23 years old) as Tiffany Maxwell in 'Silver Linings Playbook'.    
He was nominated as Best Actor in Supporting Role during the 52nd Academy Awards (1980) for his role as Billy Kramer in the movie 'Kramer vs Kramer'. He is the second youngest ever nominated for The Oscar at the tender age of 8 and the first for the category of Best Actor in Supporting Role, but lost the award to Melvyn Douglas (79 years old) as Benjamin Rand in 'Being There'.
At the age of 11, this boy was nominated for Best Actor in Supporting Role during the 72nd Academy Awards (2000) to grade his remarkable performance as Cole Sear in the movie 'The Sixth Sense'. But he lost the Award to Michael Cane (66 years old) as Dr. Wilbur Larch for the movie 'The Cider House Rules'. For the record, he was the second youngest to ever be nominated for the category.
For his role as Joey Starrett in the movie 'Shane', he was nominated as Best Actor in Supporting role during the 26th Academy Awards (1954) at the age of 11 years old. But he lost the award to Frank Sinatra (39 years old) as Private Angelo Maggio for the movie 'From Here to Eternity'. 
She was 10 years old when nominated as Best Actress in Supporting Role during the 35th Academy Awards (1963) for her role as Jean Louise 'Scout' Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird). But she lost the award to Patty Duke (17 years old) who played the role as Hellen Keller in the movie 'The Miracle Worker'.
Played as Lucy McFadden in the movie 'The Goodbye Girl', she got nominated as the Best Actress in Supporting Role during the 50th Academy Awards (1978). Sadly she lost the award to Vanessa Redgrave (41 years old) who played the main role in the movie 'Julia'.
She was nominated for the Best Actress in Supporting Role during the 79th Academy Awards (2007) for her role as Olive Hoover in the movie 'Little Miss Sunshine'. But she lost the award to Jennifer Hudson (26 years old) who played as Effie White in the movie 'DreamGirls'.
She was nominated as the Best Actress in Supporting Role during the 29th Academy Awards (1957) for her horrifying role as Rhoda Penmark in the movie 'The Bad Seed'. But instead of her, the award went to Dorothy Malone (32 years old) who played as Marylee Hadley for the movie 'Written in the Wind'.
With those children as nominees competing against adults for both category (Best in Leading Role and Best in Supporting Role), all of them lost to grown-ups. I was not so sure if they were fairly judged (as adults or as children who'd being professionally-acclaimed actors/actresses like adults), but putting them in the same category with grown-ups was surely a silent cruelty. Because among many of them (children!) being nominated in The Oscars which has been held for 86 times now against grown-ups, only these two kids won the Academy Awards to beat the adults...

Out of the impossible at the age of 10, she became the first kid to ever garnered an Oscar for Best Actress in Supporting Role during the 46th Academy Awards (1974). Thanks to her role as Addie Logins in the movie 'Paper Moon'. She beat all the grown-ups; Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist), Candy Clark as Debbie Dunham (American Graffiti), Madeline Kahn as Trixie Delight (Paper Moon) and Sylvia Sidney as Mrs. Pritchett (Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams). Since then, she was never nominated again in The Oscars although she's still acting professionally with her latest movie released was 'She's Funny That Way' as cameo.  
At the age of 11, she was the second youngest to ever received an Oscar and the second youngest for the category of Best Actress in Supporting Role during the 66th Academy Awards (1994). Thanks to her role as Flora McGrath in the movie 'The Piano', she won the award to beat up the grown-up actresses; Holly Hunter as Tammy Hemphill (The Firm), Rosie Perez as Carla Rodrigo (Fearless), Winona Ryder as May Welland (The Age of Innocence) and Emma Thompson as Gareth Peirce (In The Name of the Father).Today, you might know her as Rogue in the 'X-Men' movie franchise but to the Academy Awards, so far, that was her only Oscar (although she did being nominated in other movie/TV awards ceremonies and won a few).  
Now, let us rephrase the Academy Awards for children against adults and how all of sudden the committees found it was unfair to see their acting talent being judged alongside the grown-ups. So during the 7th Academy Awards (1934), an award ceremony only for young actors/actresses (under the age of 18) was established. For what reason? Either for pity or for the sake of other young talents which were out on nomination for the real Oscar, the Academy Juvenile Award/Honorary Juvenile Award has awarded 12 young actors/actresses but let me mention only these kids who were still before puberty...

6 years old honoree in grateful recognition of her outstanding contribution to screen entertainment during the year 1934. She was the first to ever received the Honorary Juvenile Award and had been acting in more than 30 films since age 3 before made an exit in year 1949. She who had just passed away in February 10 this year (2014), is much remembered for her role as kid in a movie and hardly as grown up.  
Being the honoree at the age of 8, she started acting since the age of 4. Still alive today (during this article is written) at the age of 77, that was the only award she received from the Academy Awards. But to be fair to the film industry, she's still actively acting (prior to demand).  
He's 80 years old today, and started his acting career by the age of 10 (during the fifth grade) and being honored as the Oustanding Child Actor of 1946 for his role as Jody in the movie 'The Yearling' when he was 12. He continued acting in 10 other movies before decided to work behind the scenes after the final film, 'The Great Locomotive Chase' as Jacob Parrot in 1956.
This kid was pretty much special as he was a Czech and never got the chance to received his award as the honoree (by the age of 12) because he couldn't get the permit to fly to the United States in year 1948. For his role as Karel Malik in the movie 'The Search', beside the Oscar, he also won The Golden Globe Award for Best Juvenile Actor. He was recorded to have 2 more Czech films in his profile before land a job with radio station. At the age of 50 (1987), he died from complications of diabetes in Prague.
His role as Harry in the movie 'The Little Kidnappers' has awarded him as the honoree of Academy Juvenile Award at the age of 10 in 1954. After acting in 5 films (1952-1957), he quit acting to further study and is now a respected art historian at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. He wrote his Doctorate on French painter Paul Delaroche. He published a book on the Ashmolean's Stringed Instruments in 2009, and is working on a catalog of the later French paintings in the Museum. In May 2009, he was made a chevalier (knight) of the French Order of Arts and Letters.
Winning as the honoree at the age of 7 alongside his co-star (Jon Whiteley) from the movie 'The Little Kidnappers' in 1954, this Scottish boy had been acting in 9 more films before landed his behind the scene talent as Production Manager for hit movies like 'Superman' (II & III), 'Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom' and 'The Color Purple'. He also became Assistant Producer for a few productions before he died in Chertsey, England, as a result of a heart attack.
So there you have them kids! Any of them above 12 years that received the Academy Award, I've considered them a teenager and well considered already a grown-up to be able competing with adult. Unless my indication here is juvenile, than I might consider those up to 18 years old or maybe 21. The biggest issue right now is how transparent did the committee of the Academy Awards upon children talents in acting when compared to the adults? How did the juries decide the child actors/actresses to be more talented than the grown-ups? What are the criteria to define a children (before puberty) is a far better actor/actress as compared to their eldest (after puberty)? As acting take a major control in psychological performance of a person, how a children translate a character as compared to how an adult translate theirs? Most importantly, why there was a period of time, The Oscars had this Juvenile Award? The question remained until it is answered with logical reasons despite of all the fame beyond the legitimate art of acting based on puberty or otherwise.   

Meanwhile in Malaysia...

Recently the Anugerah Skrin ke-18 (ASK2014) awarded a 7 years old kid, Puteri Balqis the title of 'Pelakon Wanita Terbaik Drama' (Best Woman Actor in Drama) which is pretty much an issue for the local acting industry. The problem is simple, the definition of the word 'wanita' which is translated as 'woman' that referred to someone who is able to give birth (from puberty until menopause), which any less than that is considered a child. In the common fact of biology, most female (translated in Malay as perempuan/Kaum Hawa) will reach puberty by the age of 10 (or above) and by right Puteri Balqis is not even yet close to such period. Then, this very talented child is again nominated for Asian Television Award 2014 in the category of Best Actress in Leading Role (Aktres Terbaik dalam Watak Utama) which some Malay medias again quoted as 'Pelakon Wanita Terbaik'. My concern right now is how the Malay media (as ASK2014 itself is organized by Media Prima, a media tycoon), really utilize the Malay language to its proper use (or definition) and how Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP) should reworks on the Malay language by redefining the word 'aktres' as pelakon perempuan (female actor) instead of pelakon wanita (woman actor) when referred to Kamus Dewan Edisi Ke-4. But most importantly, in any talent awards, it is best to open a new category specialized only for children (or else Juvenile!) and let other categories for adults competed among themselves, grown-ups! Because kids has got to be kids... among themselves.    

DONE... ^_^"    

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Kalau nak sebut watak-watak komik dan judul-judul komik yang menjadi minat sejak kecil memang banyak. Antaranya yang masih teringat di memori ialah majalah komik Salina, Kapten Malaysia (dari majalah Bambino), Spider-Man dan Superman. Seterusnya karya-karya komik fantasi nusantara keluaran Mediaseni yang membariskan artis-artis komik yang sememangnya ekstrim dengan idea angker. Cerita-cerita komik nusantara yang seram dan fantasi dari penerbitan inilah seingat saya memperkayakan lagi imaginasi untuk ke arah yang sama (dengan karya akan datang dalam perancangan, 'PUTERA MALAR'). Diikuti pula dengan karya-karya hebat dari Novel Grafik Bayan dan seterusnya karya-karya komik hebat oleh majalah Fantasi keluaran Creative Enterprise (rujukan: Komik Industri Malaysia). Pastu ada koleksi komik sastera berbahasa Inggeris yang saya dapatkan di perpustakaan sekolah (SMTP) yang pertama kali mendedahkan saya kepada karya 'Wuthering Heights'. Tetapi sebagai artis komik, identiti saya lebih terserlah kepada stail lukisan saya. Ramai gak yang tanya, siapakah yang paling menyerlah (Top 10) dalam memberi aura kesenian saya melukis komik? Jawapannya mereka inilah...
Semenjak majalah FANTASI diperkenalkan oleh Creative Enterprise dan hasil lukisan beliau sering dijadikan sebagai kulit muka depan majalah tersebut, keterujaan saya melukis dan mewarna semakin menjadi-jadi. Saya sangat kagum dengan ketelitian beliau mewarna dan melukis anatomi manusia di pelbagai sudut posisi. Malah pernah ketika saya belajar di sekolah menengah (SSARSI) dalam aliran sains, sering saya mengesyorkan kepada kelab seni untuk menggunakan majalah FANTASI sebagai rujukan kerana karya-karya Azman Yusof. Sehingga ke hari ini apabila menatap kembali kepada lukisan-lukisan beliau, kebanyakannya masih boleh saya ingat kepentingannya kepada perkembangan skil melukis saya terutamanya dalam bab mewarna. 
Beliau adalah salah seorang artis komik yang saya kagumi dari segi lakaran dan mendekatkan saya kepada majalah UJANG untuk siri BLUES UNTUK AKU. Yang menjadi perhatian saya kepada bakat beliau ialah strok lakarannya yang mudah tetapi sangat menarik! Beliau memaparkan satu teknik melukis yang bijak menggunakan ruang dan masa tanpa perlu mengulang kerja. Malah menggabungkan elemen kartun dan realistik sebagai pakej identiti beliau sememangnya patut menjadi tarikan komersil (sampaikan menjadi ikut-ikutan bakat-bakat baru).
Saya mengkagumi hampir semua artis-artis komik di Gempak Starz™ kerana bakat-bakat yang ditampilkan di bawah label ini memang tidak dinafikan punya keunikan tersendiri, dan kerja seni yang teliti serta berkualiti. Tetapi sejak mula mengenali Gempak™ dan artis-artis komiknya, kerja beliau yang paling kuat tarikannya kepada naluri seni saya. Beliau ada teknik melakar dan mewarna konvensional yang kemas dan teliti tetapi bebas dari sudut persembahan. Seolah penyampaian beliau berani dalam rentak yang sangat berhati-hati, justeru tidak mustahil hari ini taraf beliau sebaris dengan artis-artis komik terkenal antarabangsa.
Permainan warna air beliau dalam penghasilan komik memang unik! Malah cara beliau melukis postur karakter manusia sangat realisitik telah memangkinkan semangat saya untuk turut sama pandai melukis karakter manusia dengan tepat. Beliau juga antara pengaruh utama saya suka membikin komik peribadi dengan warna air ketika masih menuntut diploma di UiTM Jengka. Pernah juga saya mewarnakan karya-karya komik peribadi saya dengan dakwat cair, juga terilham dari pengamatan melihat lukisan-lukisan komik beliau.
Saya mengenali beliau ketika sudah menerajui majalah GEMPAK™ dan terpikat dengan stail melukisnya dalam siri WildC.A.T's Vol. 2. Semenjak itu saya tidak melepaskan peluang untuk mendapatkan mana-mana komik yang melibatkan beliau sebagai artis komik. Pertama yang membuatkan saya suka dengan teknik lukisan beliau ialah teknik penciling yang kemas dan inking yang cukup teliti. Keduanya ialah cara beliau menggunakan teknik melukis garis putus-putus sebagai imbuhan kepada garis mati yang menjadikan karya seni beliau beridentiti tersendiri.
Sebelum siri komik STEAMPUNK, saya tidak begitu cenderung dengan hasil kerja beliau. Tetapi selepas SteamPunk, salut saya kepada teknik lukisan beliau mampu saya angkat sebagai sangat epik! Yang paling membuat saya teruja ialah dengan cara penciling beliau, ada ketelitian seni yang tidak memerlukan pembaris untuk mendapatkan garis lurus walaupun outline tidak sekata. Malah dengan karya STEAMPUNK beliau juga saya lebih menghargai erti ketelitian dengan minat yang tidak berbelah bagi. Namun jujur saya katakan, setakat ini hanya dengan STEAMPUNK saya kekal menjiwai seni beliau.
Beliau saya kenal melalui VAGABOND dahulu baru saya tahu beliau juga yang melukis komik SlamDunk. Kecendurangan saya terhadap teknik melukis beliau lebih tertumpu kepada brushing, penciling dan inking. Stail beliau lain daripada yang lain berbanding semua manga-ka di Jepun, lebih kepada seni potret yang merealistikan pembangunan karakter dan latar-belakang. Kalau hendak tahu bagaimana saya mencampurkan unsur realistik dengan konsep manga, maka beliaulah orangnya yang mempengaruhi kaedah tersebut dalam pembikinan komik saya.
Bagi saya, beliau adalah Alex Ross versi Asia tetapi dengan teknik pewarnaan yang lebih teliti dan tertumpu. Punca saya mengikuti siri komik PEDANG SETIAWAN pun kerana lukisan beliau yang mantap (ketika teman-teman yang lain sibuk mengikuti perkembangan komik Tony Wong). Cara beliau melukis dan mewarna telah mengajak saya untuk menghayati setiap panel komik hinggakan seolah saya turut berada di zaman itu. Hinggakan saya begitu dekat dengan Penjejak Awan dan Penjejak Badai, dan sehingga kini ingat siapa itu Penjejak Angin.
Seperkara yang saya kagumi tentang beliau ialah teknik melukisnya yang mudah tetapi padat dengan ketelitian. Beliau adalah contoh kepada saya dalam membina kesabaran untuk menghasilkan seni komik yang lebih pandai bercerita dengan hanya melihat kepada lukisan selain membaca dialog. Setiap panel menggambarkan suasana yang mampu memberi seribu makna. Setiap karakter digambarkan dengan ekspresi yang mudah untuk difaham dan sebutir pasir yang dilukis pun punya sebabnya. Tetapi karya AKIRA beliau adalah masterpiece untuk saya jadikan rujukan erti sebuah kesabaran demi sebuah kejayaan yang unggul!

Jadi tidaklah bakat dan ilham melukis saya menjadi kalau tidak kerana mereka-mereka yang lebih berpengalaman berbanding saya di dalam industri ini, samada yang telah saya sebutkan di sini mahupun mereka yang tidak saya senaraikan. Jika gaya lakaran dan teknik melukis mereka mampu membuatkan saya teruja untuk mengamatinya, maka saya akan tatap hasil kerja itu rapat-rapat seolah sedang menyerap auranya. Semoga ada ramai lagi artis komik yang bakal membuatkan saya teruja, BERUSAHA! 

Melampau la calonkan diri sendiri dalam Top 10 ni, kannnn... tapi itulah hakikatnya. Kalau saya tidak sukakan bakat sendiri, mustahil saya boleh sampai ke tahap seperti hari ini. Saya tidak menilai diri saya sebagai artis kanvas yang suka bereksperimentasi dengan banyak jenis warna, medium ataupun peralatan. Mencurah segala rasa tanpa ada susunan cerita mengikut panel bahkan dialog yang boleh dibaca. Walau suka memerhati karya-karya painting sedemikian, namun itu bukan bidang saya. Apatah lagi saya tidak cenderung untuk menjadi artis fine-art ataupun abstrak. Saya pelukis komik dan tumpuan saya lebih kepada sebarang jenis lukisan yang mengaplikasi kepada komik itu sendiri. Biarlah orang kata ini kerja paling susah nak kaya, tetapi sudah terbukti pun ramai juga yang boleh berhidup dengan hanya melukis komik. Yang penting kita kena berusaha, dan jangan mudah mengabaikan apa yang kita cinta. Insha-Allah... BERUSAHA! ^_^